Duke Nukem Forever 2007 Teaser

Fredrik Olsson | 07-12-19 11:29 | article

The first trailer from the marathon project Duke Nukem Forever in six years is out. Well, the gameplay scarce 40MB HD video is really more of a teaser, but will according to head of 3D realms, George Broussard, be the start of more frequent DNF media updates.

Duke Nukem Forever 2007 teaser video
New DNF screenshots taken from the teaser.


Doom 4 coming

Fredrik Olsson | 07-12-17 14:51 | article

Doom lovers rejoice, John C. has revealed that Doom 4 will happen!

Work on the sequel to hasn't begun yet, but in an interview at QuakeCon '07, the co-founder of id software announced that the Doom franchise will live on. While talking about the future Id software projects, the new Quake and Wolfenstein games, he mentioned Doom 4.

"There will be a Doom 4, we don't have it scheduled or a team assigned to it, but there will be a Doom 4." - John Carmack


Crysis physics videos

Fredrik Olsson | 07-12-16 22:33 | article

The physics engine in Crysis is really neat, combined with the beautiful explosion effects, this makes a nice playground for all of us who like to blow things up, heres a collection of fan-made physic experiments.



Crysis demo

Fredrik Olsson | 07-10-27 05:50 | news

The singleplayer demo of Crysis is out! The expectations for this jungle shooter is sky high, and so is the filesize at 1.7 GB.

The Crysis demo includes a benchmark, an introductory cinematic and the first few levels of the single-player campaign. Additionally,it includes Sandbox 2, the Crysis editor, which can be found in "\bin32" under the installation directory.
e.g. "Electronic Arts\Crytek\Crysis SP Demo\Bin32\"

Update: Troubleshooting for Crysis demo installation problems.

Download Crysis demo >>
demo from the official site >>.

Unreal Tournament 3 demo downloadable

Fredrik Olsson | 07-10-12 20:51 | news

You can download Unreal Tournament 3 demo (beta version) from filefront. The UT3 beta demo is 741 MB in size and contains three maps for you to try out.

Soldier of Fortune 3 coming

Fredrik Olsson | 07-10-10 09:36 | news

Activision today officially announced SoF 3, named Soldier of Fortune Payback. Coming to PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in November, SoF: Payback will feature the trademark SoF gameplay and the controversial GHOUL-damage system will be taken to the next level and "may be shocking to even experienced FPS players".

In addition to the singleplayer campaign, Payback will have persistent stat-tracking and a bunch of multiplayer game modes.

Solier of Fortune Payback is beeing crafted outside of Raven studios (SoF & SoF 2), by Slovakian studio Cauldron.

Unreal Tournament 3 console vs PC

Fredrik Olsson | 07-09-27 04:10 | news

Bad news for PC- and Playstation 3-owners who hoped to kick each others asses in UT 3, in an IRC-chat with UT-fans, Mark Rein revealed that console vs PC support for multiplayer has been dropped and will most likely not be added in future updates either.

"The biggest challenge in doing cross platform play is syncronizing the builds such that the build on the PC is 100% compatible with the build on the PS3. Unfortunately (or fortunately) when you games on console you have a lengthy certification process to go through each time you release anything new...

We looked at how this would impact our ability to respond quickly to things happening at internet speed on the PC side of the equation and realized that would not be in the best interests of our very loyal PC user base because we would constantly be holding on to updates to wait until they passed cert on the console platform." - Mark Rein
source: Beyond Unreal

Quake Wars demo system requirements out

Fredrik Olsson | 07-09-10 09:50 | news

The official system requirements for the Enemy Territory: Quake Wars demo is out a processor around 2.8Ghz is recommended and 3Ghz if you run Windows Vista.

New Far Cry 2 pictures

Fredrik Olsson | 07-08-22 04:21 | news

A new set of screenshots from Far Cry 2 has been released by Ubisoft, the sequel to the pioneering FPS action shooter, Far Cry, in development by Ubisoft Montreal.

Warcraft Movie

Fredrik Olsson | 07-08-18 06:50 | news

Blizzard has been struggling hard to come up with a concept good enough for a World of warcraft movie. It's not an easy task, the expectations are astronomical. But, now, that concept is finally coming together.

Clive Barkers Jericho media

Fredrik Olsson | 07-08-18 05:38 | news

Codemasters has released a bunch of media for Clive Barker's Jericho, the horror action game is heading to stores late October.

Borderlands Four-Player Co-Op Sci-Fi Shooter

Fredrik Olsson | 07-08-15 00:41 | news

Co-op lovers rejoice! Gearbox has revealed Borderlands, a sci-fi RPG/FPS hybrid with full four-player co-op support, vehicular combat and a content generation system, that will bring you "near-endless variety" in mission, environment, enemy, weapon, item and character customization.

The Road Warrior theme is hot right now, just days after id Software announced it's Mad Max inspired game, Borderlands surfaces, described by Game Informer as "Diablo meets Mad Max".

Borderlands will ship during the holiday 2008 season to PC, PS 3 and Xbox 360.

Duke Nukem on Xbox Live Arcade

Fredrik Olsson | 07-08-12 06:41 | news

It's been silent from Duke Nukem Forever developers 3D Realms lately, but now George Broussard, said that they wish to bring the 1996 classic shooter, Duke Nukem 3D to Xbox 360's Xbox Live Arcade, if Microsoft is intrested.

Well, this is nice and all... but where is Duke Nukem Forever?

Prototype Announced - an open world action game

Fredrik Olsson | 07-08-12 01:28 | news

Sierra recently announced Prototype, an open-world game, set in third-person by Radical Entertainment (Hulk, Scarface) coming to PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

The lead character in Prototype is Alex Mercer, a shape-shifting mutant, who can steal skills and abilities from his enemies. Haunted by his past, Mercer fights a secret war in New York City.

The movement system will give you a spider-man-like freedom while moving across the urban landscape.
"Prototype can climb or wall-run across any surface, jump 30 stories high, and destroy anything that crosses his path" - Radical president Kelly Zmak.
Prototype is to be released summer 2008, while waiting check out these hot Prototype screenshots.

Bioshock Gone Gold - Irrational change name

Fredrik Olsson | 07-08-11 00:35 | news

Take-Two announced BioShock has gone gold. Release date for PC and Xbox 360 will be on August 21 in North America and on August 24 in Europe.

Irrational Games, praised developer of PC classic System Shock 2 and it's upcoming spiritual successor BioShock has changed name and been split into 2K Boston and 2K Australia.

The formerly independent studio was acquired by Take Two Interactive last year, who claims the change will result in no loss of creative control for the companies.

Id reveals Rage

Fredrik Olsson | 07-08-04 08:52 | news

Id Softwares new IP that has repeatedly been hinted towards is named Rage, game developer legend and programmer John Carmack revealed at today's QuakeCon festivities.
"Everybody knows we're going to do a good job with the run and gun action stuff...but we are branching out", Carmack said and noted id's love for a Road Warrior-like post-apocalyptic atmosphere a la Mad Max.
Rage, powered by id Tech 5, will have players driving across an open world between settlements, fighting monsters, mutants and an oppressive government. You will be able to customize your vehicle throughout the game and play co-op multiplayer with your friends.

The title will ship "when it's done" to PC, Mac, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 on two DVD, with Blue-ray distribution planned. Check out the Rage screenshots in the gallery.

World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King expansion

Fredrik Olsson | 07-08-03 10:07 | news

With BlizzCon 2007 is open and running and today World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King was announced as the new expansion for Blizzard's popular MMORPG WoW. As the name suggests, the expansion will focus on the Lich King Arthas and his frozen kingdom of Northrend. New zones, items, and quests will come with the package, as well as a new class: the Death Knights.

The new PVP battlegrounds warfare will focus on sieges, adding destructible buildings. Characters will have access to new dance moves and hairstyles, and players will now be able to change their character's hairdo.

Check out the first 11 World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King screenshots in the game gallery.


GTA 4 live demo at E3 2007

Fredrik Olsson | 07-07-20 09:03 | news

The GTA 4 demo was run on Xbox 360 and was a bit choppy at places, but as Rockstar pointed out, it was running on unfinished code.

In the brief demo a new use of the GTA cellphone was shown, where the character bought weapons and arranged deliveries. Another nice thing noted was that the reflection on cars changed with the environment, reflecting street lights and the gradually changing sunlight.

"Our goal is to create the defining next-gen action adventure, No one is resting on their laurels."

Starcraft 2 at E3 2007

Fredrik Olsson | 07-07-19 08:21 | news

New information about Blizzards eagerly awaited RTS, Starcraft 2 has surfaced at E3 2007.

There won't be any heroes in multiplayer, Carriers will be back in a form, now known as the Tempest and Blizzard plans to do something fresh with Single Player, adding replayability...

Unreal Tournament 3 Impressions at E3 2007

Fredrik Olsson | 07-07-18 22:13 | news

The map shown at E3 2007 was Heatray. A large player-controllable tripod-like vehicle, the Darkwalker, resides somewhere on the map.

The level looked oddly lifeless, giving the impression that people left it in an awfully big hurry, reminiscent to War of the Worlds. And according to producer Jeff Morris, that was the intent all along, to "reference War of the Worlds enough without getting sued."
  • Unreal Tournament 3 will feature 40 multiplayer levels
  • Single-player is estimated to last between 8 and 10 hours, and supports cooperative play.
  • Of the 11 weapons in Unreal Tournament 3, none of them are new to the series.
  • The maps for Unreal Tournament 3 are designed with 12-24 players in mind.
  • Cross-platform multiplayer between PC and PS3 is possible, but final support has yet to be decided.
  • UT3 will feature a feign death maneuver, causing a player's body to instantly crumple towards the ground with ragdoll physics.
  • A new gameplay mode, Warfare, will replace the Assault and Onslaught modes. Warfare is a node capture-based mode where the goal is to create a line of capture from node to node.

Gears of War on PC

Fredrik Olsson | 07-07-11 02:07 | news

Epic Games' Unreal Engine 3 driven, praised tactical shooter, Gears of War, will make the jump from Xbox 360 to PC this year.

Epic founder Cliff Bleszinski demonstrated the PC version of the game at E3 event when the announcement was made.

PC players will, beyond higher resolutions get features such as new content, a game editor, five new chapters, an additional multiplayer mode, new maps, and new achievements.

Gears of War on PC will be playable on both Windows XP and Vista.

World in Conflict Beta Test on July 11

Fredrik Olsson | 07-07-09 05:33 | news

A beta-test of the RTS World in Conflict is set to begin on July 11, publisher Sierra announced. The beta will feature the same content as next week's E3 Media & Business Summit and will last through the end of July. You can sign up for the beta at the official World in Conflict site.

The beta contains two multiplayer maps - HomeTown and Farmland, a tutorial mission and support for up to 8v8 multiplayer.

Soldier of Fortune 3 confirmed

Fredrik Olsson | 07-06-28 02:47 | news

Activision has confirmed that Soldier of Fortune: Pay Back is in development. The next episode of Raven Software's first person shooter is headed to PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and will be released November 7, 2007, according to retailer listings. The release date should be taken with a grain of salt prior to official publisher confirmation though.

Soldier of Fortune 3 (now known as Soldier of Fortune: Pay Back) has been rumored to be developed with the Doom 3 engine. While nothing is officially known, we can expect a new level of the series trademark gore rendering and realistic violence in the by fans eagerly awaited SOF 3.

Crysis box art revealed

Fredrik Olsson | 07-06-26 05:49 | news

We got the official box art for the upcoming jungle-FPS Crysis, check it out.

Internal Starcraft 2 Demo at Blizzcon

Fredrik Olsson | 07-06-21 15:27 | news

Blizzard has announced that a playable demo of it's long awaited RTS sequel, Starcraft 2 will be playable at Blizzcon. The demo will not be released to the public, but playable at the set up demo stations, allowing attendees to play multiplayer battles against eachother.

Unfortunately Starcraft 2 will not be released this year...
"Some people were hoping, because of how advanced the game looks, that we'd have it out by Christmas, but that's definitely not happening," - Blizzard VP of game design, Rob Pardo

Blizzard will also be handing out beta keys to attendees for an as-yet unnamed title.

Blizzcon 2007 will be held on August 3-4 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California.

The Agency - a spy MMORPG

Fredrik Olsson | 07-06-13 04:04 | news

SOE Seattle announced The Agency, we got a bunch of the Agency screenshots and artwork from the upcoming spy-themed MMORPG.

Shacknews has impressions and a preview of the game, which will be released for PC and PlayStation 3.

"It's different from anything SOE has released before. Our goal is to break from traditional online games and provide players with a 'fun now, no waiting' gameplay experience in a dynamic, ever-evolving online world." - " Matt Wilson, SOE Seattle director of development

Id tech 5 - id softwares new engine

Fredrik Olsson | 07-06-11 12:14 | article

Id software unexpectedly showed their new engine today during Steve Job's address at Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference 2007. Id Software co-founder and legendary programming genius John Carmack presented the new id technology, referred to as id Tech 5.

A highly detailed desert valley environment was shown on id Tech 5, presumably a race track given the accompanying banners, flags, spectator and vehicles. The scene was said to use over 20GB of unique textures and with id's MegaTexture technology.

The first hours of Bioshock previews

Fredrik Olsson | 07-06-10 10:14 | news

Shacknews, Games Radar, FiringSquad, Eurogamer, Computer & Video Games, IGN, Team Xbox and GameSpot all have previews of BioShock posted, playing through the first couple of hours of the game.

The Bioshock screenshot gallery is also updated with a bunch of new screens. BioShock is due out this August on PC and Xbox 360.

Quake Wars planned release date

Fredrik Olsson | 07-06-04 13:37 | news

Publisher Activision has revealed that Splash Damage's upcoming multiplayer shooter Enemy Territory: Quake Wars is expected to release in the company's second quarter of fiscal year 2008. Given Activision's fiscal schedule, this suggests that the game will be released between the months of July and September of this calendar year. The official release is still "when it's done" and "id Software still makes the final decision on the release date," said Activision CFO Thomas Tippl in an analyst conference call following the announcement.

Last July Quake Wars was announced as being pushed back to 2007 from its expected 2006 release.

Making of the Starcraft 2 cinematic teaser

Fredrik Olsson | 07-06-04 03:18 | news

Blizzard is known for making great cinematics and with starcraft 2, they have taken it to the next level, the above five-million-polygon marine model even broke their renderer. Along with the interview a new batch of artwork is also released.

On the question why they focused on the genesis of a marine for the trailer, Blizzard replied:

"Actually showing the marine being built gives us an exciting opportunity to show that in the StarCraft universe, even something that's normally very mundane can have a truly epic feeling to it."

"To stand out, you can't just tell a story - you have to tell it well." -Blizzard

Making of Starcraft 2 cinematic teaser interview >>

Splash Damage Hiring

Fredrik Olsson | 07-05-29 05:33 | news

How would you like to work for Enemy Territory: Quake Wars developer Splash Damage? Well you could, they are looking for people. Current job openings include Lead Environmental Artist, Level Designer and Artists. Splash Damage is located in London, England and accepts international applications.

Age of Conan Classes

Fredrik Olsson | 07-05-27 15:14 | news

Theres a a preview of the Age of Conan classes at the games official homepage, the latest update is on the Dark Templar class from this upcoming adventure MMO.

Starcraft 2 coming

Fredrik Olsson | 07-05-19 20:38 | news

Blizzard announced Starcraft 2 today and released:

Starcraft 2 screenshots
Starcraft 2 Artwork
Starcraft 2 Wallpapers

And based on the info we've gotten from Blizzard Entertainment, we've made an estimate of the possible SC2 system requirements

New game from Serious Sam developer

Fredrik Olsson | 07-05-16 17:17 | news

Gamecock Media Group will be publishing a new game from the developers of the Serious Sam series, Croteam for PC and "specific" consoles. The game will be powered by Croteam's Serious Engine 3.

Here are some shots of the untitled Croteam project, due out in 2009.

Lost Planet Demo

Fredrik Olsson | 07-05-16 06:39 | news

Two PC demos of the third person sci-fi shooter Lost Planet: Extreme Condition has been released, one for DirectX9 demo and one DirectX10/Vista demo. The demo includes the same two levels found in the Xbox 360 singleplayer demo.

Team Fortress 2 Heavy weapons guy Movie

Fredrik Olsson | 07-05-16 02:59 | news

A new Team Fortress 2 movie, showing an a introduction to the Heavy Weapons Guy and showing off the game's wonderful facial animation.

The animation seen in the video is in-engine and in real-time.

"By leveraging the rapid pace of advancement in PC graphics, videogames can now match and actually surpass the facial animation used in feature film and broadcast television production. By running entirely on the GPU of the videocard, the facial animation not only looks dramatically better, but frees up the CPU to perform other tasks like physics or AI." -- Valve software

Facial animation movie >>

The Golden Compass Game announced

Fredrik Olsson | 07-05-13 13:24 | news

A video game based on the upcoming The Golden Compass movie has been announced in this press release and will be developed by SEGA.

We also got a few Screenshots of the game.

New Alternate Reality MMO from Funcom

Fredrik Olsson | 07-05-11 13:58 | news

Publisher Funcom has announced The Secret World, an upcoming MMO for PC and Xbox 360, merging a contemporary setting with supernatural elements, allowing players to discover the truth behind legends, myths, secret societies, magic, and more.

The Secret World is the brainchild of director Ragnar Tornquist, (The Longest Journey, Dreamfall, Anarchy Online) and have been on the drawing table for ten years.

The first Secret World media is released in form of art and concept drawings.

Gamasutra Q&A about Postal 3

Fredrik Olsson | 07-05-04 01:05 | news

There's a Postal 3 Q&A on Gamasutra with info on the future of Postal. Running With Scissors CEO Vince Desi is asked about the company's Source Engine powered game, Postal 3 and the Uwe Boll directed Postal movie.

Postal 3 Coming

Fredrik Olsson | 07-05-04 00:45 | news

Running With Scissors has posted this press release, announcing that Postal 3 is in development for PC and Xbox 360. The latest installment in the dark comedy videogame will be powered by Valve's Source Engine, and is scheduled for release in 2008.

"We've always maintained since publishing the original POSTAL that the game is only as violent as the player wants it to be and we're committed to expanding this unique form of gameplay in this next addition to the ongoing storyline".

GTA 4 preview in Playstation magazine

Fredrik Olsson | 07-04-28 04:35 | news

A preview of GTA 4 is featured in the latest issue of the official Playstation Magazine. It reveals some nice tidbits from the upcoming game in the series.

One welcome improvement is on the loading system, no more pop-up buildings or trees and no loading when going inside buildings or crossing bridges.
Also, there will be a mob, less "dead space" and pedestrians will be a lot smarter. Read on for the full list.

CVG Left 4 Dead preview

Fredrik Olsson | 07-04-27 08:30 | news

Computer & Video Games has a a Left 4 Dead preview up with impressions of the game, which Valve has been showing off to the press.

Don't forget to check out the Left 4 dead screenshots and concept artwork.

Blizzard is working on a next-gen MMO

Fredrik Olsson | 07-04-27 04:18 | news

Blizzard has added three new positions on their job openings page yesterday, to work on a Next-gen MMO. The company is looking for a lead engine programmer, lead tools programmer and lead technical artist.

Could this be a Starcraft MMO? Or perhaps a Diablo MMO?
Well, what we know is that Blizzard has told us that they intend to announce a new game at the Worldwide Invitational in Korea on May 19. They have also said that they plan to revisit the StarCraft universe in the future. Exciting times! We will be back with more info after the Korea event launches, stay tuned.

Blizzard Job Postings >>

Elveon Interview at shacknews

Fredrik Olsson | 07-04-22 08:24 | news

The stunning visuals of the upcoming Action RPG, Elveon, have kept many gamers on the edge of their seats. Now Shacknews has got some new information in form of a Q&A with developer Slavo Hazucha, heres a few tidbits:

-Damage will be visual in form of dented armor and the way characters move.
-Elveon will ship with multiplayer and a coop mode might come in a patch after the game is released.

Elveon Q&A >>
Elveon Screenshots >>

Lord of the Rings Online Free Beta

Fredrik Olsson | 07-04-10 12:22 | news

Turbine's upcoming MMORPG Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar began its World Tour open beta program 6th April. If you are up for adventure, you can download and play the game for free, until the official launch date of April 24.

Characters in the World Tour beta will be capped at level 15, but can be rolled over into the full game when the beta ends, if the player has preordered. Turbine expects approximately a million players to participate in the Beta.

When the full version of Lord of the Rings online is released, it will have a monthly subscription rate of $14.99. Those who have preordered the game will receive bonus in-game items and will have access to two pricing options: a monthly fee of $9.99, or purchasing a lifetime membership for $199.99.

While you download, why not get a spiffy LOTR Wallpaper.

Stolen textures in STALKER

Fredrik Olsson | 07-04-10 08:08 | article

Graphics have been taken directly from Half-Life 2 and Doom 3.

Enemy Territory hands-on previews

Fredrik Olsson | 07-04-10 07:49 | news

Check out these hands-on previews of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars at Planet Quake, Action Trip and Evil Avatar.

We also have a bunch of new Quake Wars screenshots here at FreakyGaming.

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars open Beta test

Fredrik Olsson | 07-04-04 11:31 | news

After Activision has denyed demo plans a few times, it now looks like there is gonna be an open Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Beta for us to play around with. Unconfirmed information in a Quake Wars preview at GameSpy implies that the Beta testing can start in as little as one week.

We will return with more information on this matter.

GTA reference in the Simpsons

Fredrik Olsson | 07-04-03 12:27 | article

The Simpsons has made a reference to GTA in form of a fictional video game called "Death Kill City: Death Kill Stories". The ridiculous name and funny dialog is obviously a spoof of the Grand theft Auto series. Check out the Simpsons GTA spoof video inside.

Six page S.T.A.L.K.E.R. review

Fredrik Olsson | 07-04-01 11:17 | news

A six page long S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl review can be found on Computer Games Romania. If you are short on time, there is also a sum up of the good and bad points at the beginning of the review.

STALKER screenshots archive has also been updated.

Crysis developer diary

Fredrik Olsson | 07-04-01 10:13 | news

Over at GameSpot you can read the first Crysis development diary. Crytek's Harald Seeley starts off by talking about the CryEngine 2 technology behind the game.

UT3 hands on preview at CVG

Fredrik Olsson | 07-03-31 10:44 | news

A new Unreal Tournament 3 preview can be found at Computer & Video Games, going hands-on with Epic's multiplayer FPS sequel.

GTA4 Trailer Released

Fredrik Olsson | 07-03-29 20:20 | news

The Grand Theft Auto IV trailer has been released, offering a cinematic in-game-trailer from the Xbox 360 / PS3 action adventure game sequel. The GTA4 trailer is sharp at 720p HD, so you get a pretty good look at the environment, there's no gameplay footage in this one though. Grand Theft Auto 4 is due out in October.

Note: Most likely GTA 4 will be released for PC since the rest of the series has been.

Some things noted in the trailer:
-The game takes place in modern day New York (Liberty City).
-The main character appears to be Eastern European, possibly Russian.
-At the end of the trailer he speaks the line "Life is complicated - I killed people, smuggled people, sold people. Perhaps here, things will be different."

Grand Theft Auto 4 trailer download mirrors:
thegtaplace HD GTA 4 Trailer >>
gametrailers HD GTA 4 Trailer >>
Also, check out the new GTA 4 screenshots

Team Fortress 2 Hands-on preview

Fredrik Olsson | 07-03-29 07:06 | news

A new Team Fortress 2 hands-on preview is up at Game Informer. Offering more screenshots from the multiplayer FPS.

First STALKER patch 1.0001

Fredrik Olsson | 07-03-27 07:29 | news

The first S.T.A.L.K.E.R. patch has been released. The list of fixes is huge. This patch will break your save games!

2 Bioshock Movies

Fredrik Olsson | 07-03-27 06:26 | news

The anticipated BioShock is showing off in two new movies at FileShack, with in-game fly-through footage of the BioShock game world. There is a Welcome movie and a Medical Pavilion movie

Red Ocean Demo

Fredrik Olsson | 07-03-21 09:15 | news

A Red Ocean demo has been released, with one singleplayer mission from this upcoming deep sea shooter. Too see if your computer has what it takes, check the Red Ocean system requirements and why not check out some screenshots while downloading the demo?

Gears of War: the movie coming

Fredrik Olsson | 07-03-20 18:44 | news

Epic's Gears of War was a huge success on Xbox 360, now its publisher, Microsoft is looking to extend the brand in the form of a movie based on the game's story. Hollywood trade publication Variety reports that a Gears of War movie adaptation is set for production. New Line Studios has the movie rights for the license.

STALKER game guide

Fredrik Olsson | 07-03-20 16:41 | news

For those who already got hold of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl and need some help getting through the game, GameSpot has a game guide . It offers a walkthrough, and combat tips.

Two Huxley previews

Fredrik Olsson | 07-03-20 15:04 | news

WarCry has a new Huxley preview up with impressions of this Unreal Engine 3 powered action MMO based on the demonstration at GDC. There's another Huxley preview at GameSpot.

Devil May Cry 4 announced for PC and XBOX 360

Fredrik Olsson | 07-03-20 08:41 | news

Capcom has announced that their upcoming action game Devil May Cry 4 is in development for PC and Xbox 360. Previously, the game was only confirmed for release on PlayStation 3. Capcom has not given any release dates for any of the platforms.

Devil May Cry 4 is being directed by Hideaki Itsuno, who handled direction on Devel May Cry 2 (PS2) and Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening (PS2, PC). Producing the title is Hiroyuki Kobayashi, who previously produced the first Devil May Cry game and also Resident Evil 4 (PC, PS2, GCN).

The Witcher media update

Fredrik Olsson | 07-03-16 07:52 | news

A bunch of new screenshots from The Witcher has been released.

The artwork gallery from the Witcher is filled up with anything from bloodsucking vampires and sexy girls we have also updated the wallpapers and concept art sections. The Witcher is an RPG in development at CD Projekt and will be distributed by Atari.

Warhammer Online Empire faction Q&A

Fredrik Olsson | 07-03-16 06:47 | news

A Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Q&A, dealing with the Empire faction and its warrior priest class is up at gamespot.

Fury trailer and media

Fredrik Olsson | 07-03-16 05:45 | news

A new Fury trailer is out, showing gameplay footage from this PvP MMORPG, due out later this year. We also have a bunch of new media for your viewing pleasure.

Fury screenshots
Fury wallpapers
Fury artwork
Fury trailer >>

Silverfall European patch and Q&A

Fredrik Olsson | 07-03-16 03:51 | news

A Silverfall Q&A is up at gamersinfo, where producer Jehanne Rousseau talks about the action RPG due out in North American stores next week. There is also a patch for the European release at FileShack.

Age of Empires 3 & WarChiefs patches

Fredrik Olsson | 07-03-16 02:03 | new

New patches for Age of Empires 3 and its WarChiefs expansion pack can now be found at Fileshack. Among the news are client fixes and balance changes for both games, also the WarChiefs expansion gets a new random map.

Half-Life 2: Episode One update out

Fredrik Olsson | 07-03-16 01:11 | news

Jerky animation in demo recordings and a bug that hindered the SDK to access Episode One content are some of the fixes in the latest update for Half-Life 2: Episode One.

Crysis technology

Fredrik Olsson | 07-03-13 01:26 | article

The Crysis technology incorporates many rendering techniques previously only seen in off line renderers. Here we have summarized the technology highlights with accompanying screenshots of them in action.

Crysis reality vs ingame comparison

Fredrik Olsson | 07-03-13 00:49 | article

Crytek has released a bunch of comparison shots where the CGI graphics in their upcoming title, Crysis is matched against real world photographs, it's pretty impressive, check it out.

Savage 2: A Tortured Soul preview

Fredrik Olsson | 07-03-11 10:20 | news

A preview of Savage 2: A Tortured Soul is up at IGN, with impressions of the developer build S2 Games was showing at GDC.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Q&A Part 1

Fredrik Olsson | 07-03-11 09:24 | news

Part one of a new S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl Q&A is up at Computer & Video Games, where PR manager Oleg Yavorsky answers question about the action RPG that's due out later this month.

Age of Conan preview

Fredrik Olsson | 07-03-11 05:30 | news

Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures pre-E3 2007 previews are up at GameSpy and GameZone with impressions from Funcom's upcoming MMORPG.

The official site talks about preparations for GDC and we have a bunch of new Age of Conan screenshots.

Age of Conan DirectX 9 vs DirectX 10

Fredrik Olsson | 07-03-08 07:27 | article

The mythical MMORPG Age of Conan, due out Q4 2007 has been updated with comparison screenshots of DirectX 9 and DirectX 10. The difference is quite notable, escpecially when it comes to draw distance and vegetation.


Unreal Tournament 2007 renamed Unreal Tournament 3

Fredrik Olsson | 07-03-05 10:28 | news

Due to delays and to coincide with Unreal Engine 3.0 Epic has announced a name change from Unreal Tournament 2007 to Unreal Tournament 3

New Unreal Tournament 3 screenshots will be labeled UT3 and material already released can be found under:

UT2007 screenshots
UT2007 wallpapers
UT2007 concept art

GTA 4 Trailer in March

Fredrik Olsson | 07-03-02 09:29 | news

Rockstar's latest car jacking simulator, Grand Theft Auto 4, is due out to Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 in October. But already the 29th of March we will get a sneak peak of what awaits us. On GTA4's homepage a countdown has begun, labeled "trailer".

Visit GTA4:s official homepage >>

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Q&A

Fredrik Olsson | 07-02-14 15:48 | news

A new S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl Q&A has been put up at GameSpot. Project lead Anton Bolshakov talks AI, multiplayer and more.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl Q&A >>

Jade Empire PC port preview

Fredrik Olsson | 07-02-13 15:39 | news

IGN has posted a preview of Jade Empire: Special Edition, after a hands-on session with an early build of the RPG's PC port.

Jade Empire: Special Edition preview >>

Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars Movie

Fredrik Olsson | 07-02-12 23:00 | news

For you viewing pleasure: a new Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars movie, introducing the alien Scrin race.

Here are four more Command & Conquer 3 screenshots, showing the alien Scrin race that you'll encounter in the game.

If you feel the C&C vibe, why not celebrate it with Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars Wallpaper?

Doom 3 1.3 patch available

Fredrik Olsson | 07-02-11 14:49 | news

Id Software has released a DOOM 3 1.3.1 patch, offering various network and bug fixes and improved Vista compatibility. Mac OS X and Linux Doom 3 patches are available as well, as is a new Doom 3 SDK.

Jade Empire Media

Fredrik Olsson | 07-02-11 05:21 | news

The Action RPG, Jade Empire is showing off in form of new screenshots and a trailer, showing cutscene and gameplay footage from the upcoming PC version.

Jade Empire: Special Edition for PC will be in stores February 26.

Jade Empire PC screenshots
Jade Empire: Special Edition trailer >>

3 new Bioshock screenshots

Fredrik Olsson | 07-02-11 02:21 | news

2K Games has released three new screenshots from BioShock, the highly anticipated dark action title from Irrational Games.

Fresh BioShock images this way >>

Warhammer: Mark of Chaos multiplayer demo released

Fredrik Olsson | 07-02-10 14:35 | news

The Warhammer: Mark of Chaos multiplayer demo is up and ready to be downloaded at FileShack. At the weight of 1.3gigs, you better start brewing some coffee, you're in for a hefty download.

Warhammer: Mark of Chaos multiplayer demo >>
Admire some Warhammer: MoC screenshots while you wait

Half-Life 2, Team Fortress 2 & Portal delayed

Fredrik Olsson | 07-02-07 23:31 | news

Valve, known to have troubles with making release dates, told us today that half-life 2 episode two will, once again be delayed. The summer release is pushed forward and Freeman will instead make his return this fall.

Additionally Valve announced that Episode two will come in two packages:

The Black Box is the new name of Episode Two and will contain HL2: Episode 2, Team Fortress 2 & Portal.

The Orange Box is the deluxe edition that will have everything the black box has plus the original Half-Life 2 & Episode One.

Valve announces Black & Orange Box >>

Duke Nukem Forever new Screenshot

Fredrik Olsson | 07-01-28 01:57 | news

Finally we have got a glimpse of Duke in form of a New Duke Nukem Forever image! The DNF screenshot is tiny at 200*125 pixels but is indeed a real shot, as confirmed by 3D Realms George Broussard with the terse comment: "In game shot."

In the offical 3D Realms forum the image has created a buzz of excitement and the scene only became more frenzied when Broussard posted to clarify the whole thing and affirm the shot's authenticity, while also implying that there might be more DNF media coming in the near future:

I guess I'll reconfirm what I said last night. That's an in game, real-time shot of Duke standing in a random hallway. It was really done as a small teaser for a job ad on Gamasutra.com. Nothing more.
I'm glad some of you enjoyed it, and we'll show more later as we start to wake from our slumber and decide how best to show the game off.

To see Duke a little better, here's a resize of the DNF Image

Hellgate: London an MMO?

Fredrik Olsson | 07-01-24 06:49 | news

Hellgate: London created some buzz when it was first announced that the multiplayer part would be subscription based, now it seems as if the game is turning out to be more of a traditional MMORPG.

The developer, Flagship Studios consist of 18 people who have worked at Blizzard North on the Diablo titles, also three of the founders - Dave Brevik, Erich Schaefer and Max Schaefer - were the original creators of the Diablo games.

Hellgate: London is to hit the stores summer 2007. A beta program is expected to be launch sometimes prior to the games release.

Check out the Hellgate: London screenshots.

Crysis in alpha Q&A

Fredrik Olsson | 07-01-24 05:50 | news

Cevat Yerli of Crytek tells us that their upcoming graphical marvel Crysis has reached alpha status and will be ready "soon", he also discusses some technical aspects covering Direct3D 10 and Windows Vista.

Crysis in alpha Q&A >>

No Multiplayer for BioShock

Fredrik Olsson | 07-01-24 04:00 | news

The anticipated FPS shooter BioShock will not include multiplayer. "Having a multiplayer component would have compromised the story we were trying to tell." - 2K Games

System Shock 2, often referred to as BioShocks spiritual successor by the team and its fans, had a cooperative mode.

Also uncovered by the FAQ is that BioShock will have some kind of automatic content download service. Read on for more details:


Supreme Commander gone gold

Fredrik Olsson | 07-01-19 00:01 | news

Supreme Commander has gone gold and is expected to ship February 20th worldwide. Beyond bringing us a new RTS experience with free zoom camera it brings some confusion to the SC abbreviation (also used to describe the popular RTS StarCraft by blizzard).

Supreme Commander is an RTS, where you play as one of three warring factions, each vying to eradicate the universe of all opposition and end the 1000 year Infinite War of the 37th century. The battles take place on land, sea and in the air.

Blizz Art contest extended deadline

Christian Svensson | 06-09-19 14:40 | news

The Deadline for the Blizzard Art contest was recently extended, due to technical problems, where contest submission form was temporarily unavailable.
Artists will have a chance to submit their artwork until 11:59PM PDT on Wednesday, September 20, 2006. Hurry up folks!

Blizzard art contest site >>

New Ladder Season for Warcraft III

Christian Svensson | 06-09-18 16:45 | news

The Season 4 ladder has just started on Warcraft III battle.net. Blizzard have invited the top 75 players from around the world, including the top 300 players from each region to participate in this tournament.
This is just one of many events that is to come for the season 4 ladder. You can keep track of the top 5 players of every ladder on the Season 4 page.

Zoom in on the freaky Warcraft III Season 4 site on Battle.net >>

Blizzard Halloween Map Contest

Christian Svensson | 06-09-09 01:40 | news

A new Blizzard map contest for WarCraft 3 is underway, and the theme for this contest is Halloween! Create a multiplayer trigger map, polish it up, send it to Blizzard, and you have a chance of winning great prizes!

Checkout Blizzards Halloween map contest info to learn more about map judging, rules, or prizes.

Map Contest: Halloween Map >>

Blizzard Melee Map Contest

Christian Svensson | 06-09-09 01:20 | news

Another Blizzard map contest for WarCraft 3 has been ended. This time the goal was to make the greatest melee map. The maps were judged on how balanced it was, as well as how well it looked.

Get/checkout the Maps >>

Secret weapon in Half-Life 2: Episode One - Black Hole Grenade

Fredrik Olsson | 06-08-10 11:51 | article

There is a hidden weapon in Half-Life 2: Episode One called Black Hole Grenade, with which you can suck enemies into... a black hole. Read more for information on how to enable the Black Hole Grenade Gun & see a video of it in action.

John Carmacks QuakeCon 2006 keynote highlights

Fredrik Olsson | 06-08-10 11:32 | article

A lot of topics were covered in John Carmack’s 2006 QuakeCon keynote, which lasted 1 hour and 20 minutes. This is a writeup of the highlights, a video of the QuakeCon 2006 speech is also included.


UT 2007 release pushed forward to 2007

Fredrik Olsson | 06-08-02 15:45 | news

Midway says the PC edition of its much-awaited shooter Unreal Tournament 2007 won't ship until "first half" of next year.

"Right now, UT 2007 (PC) is slated to hit in the first half of 2007" - Midway

When UT2007 was announced in May 2005, the game had a broad 2006 release date. The delay, while annoying, will hopefully allow Epic to fine tune UT 2007's gameplay much like it did with its predecessor.

ET:QW delayed until 2007

Fredrik Olsson | 06-08-02 15:34 | news

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, previously to be released in 2006 has been delayed until 2007.

Following E3, Splash Damage and id spent weeks reviewing the status of Enemy Territory. 2006 has been a great year for us, with incredible response from the press and the community. It's also been a challenging year, as the team here has given extraordinary effort towards completing the game this year. Unfortunately, sometimes effort isn't all you need -- sometimes you just need more time. To ensure the quality we want, we've decided to push the release out of 2006 to allow for extended testing, feedback and game balancing.

Source: Quake Wars Dev Diary >>

Age of Empires 1.08 patch

Fredrik Olsson | 06-08-02 14:35 | news

A patch that upgrades Age of Empires to version 1.08 is now available. The update offers more client and network fixes, a new Power Rating filter for Quick Search, many new balance changes, and more... Here is the full 1.08 Patch change list.

Two new Crysis gameplay movies

Fredrik Olsson | 06-08-02 11:23 | news

In a recent Crysis preview at GameSpot , two new Crysis movies were released that you can now find on FileShack. Both the first and second movie show about a minute of high-definition gameplay footage.

The Crysis movies can also be downloaded from GamersHell:

Two new Crysis movies >>

Blizzard Sports map contest

Christian Svensson | 06-07-31 21:00 | news

The Blizzard Sports map contest has come to an end! The Winners have been appointed as well as a few honorable mentions. To the winners i am happy to say:
"You lucky bastards!"
And to those who didn't win this time:
"There will surely be many more Blizzard map contests that you can loose too."

Contest winners >>
Checkout the prizes >>

Faces of War Demo

Fredrik Olsson | 06-07-20 10:13 | news

Ubisoft have released a Faces of War demo in which you to try out two singelplayer missions in the new WW2 strategy game.

Download Faces of War Demo >>

TF 2 Classes movie teaser

Fredrik Olsson | 06-07-20 10:09 | news

A high-def Team Fortress 2 teaser movie showing off the Team Fortress 2's different character classes can be downloaded from FileShack. Team Fortress 2 will be included with Half-Life 2: Episode Two.

Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 1.20 Patch

Fredrik Olsson | 06-07-17 06:32 | news

The latest patch fix a few bug that crash the game and includes all older patch updates as well. Check out the full patch 1.16 & 1.20 patch change notes and download the patch below.

Ghost Recon 1.20 patch @ FileFront >>

Battlefield release date and screenshots

Fredrik Olsson | 06-07-17 04:16 | news

In Battlefields latest newsletter we get a new set of screenshots from Battlefield 2142 along with a release month for the game - October 2006. We are also told that new information about a Battlefield 2 Veterans Program where EA will be "rewarding our loyal BF2 community by giving them exclusive benefits for enlisting with Battlefield 2142".

Team Fortress 2 Concept art

Fredrik Olsson | 06-07-15 16:37 | news

Valve is starting to uncover the new Team Fortress 2, we get a first glimpse of the style in form of a piece of artwork, showing each player class character model. Valve also announced that a trailer for Team Fortress 2, as well as trailers for Portal and Half-Life 2: Episode Two, will be coming next week.

Team Fortress 2 with HL2: Episode 2

Fredrik Olsson | 06-07-14 18:11 | news

At the EA press conference, Valve announced that the long awaited Team Fortress 2 will make the muliplayer portion of Half-Life 2: Episode two. TF2 has evolved quite a bit since the early Team Fortress 2 screenshots though.

Another game called Portal was also announced to be included in HL2: Episode 2. An experimental game which is a bit more puzzle oriented. Similar to the portal tech seen in Prey but a bit more advanced.

Blizzard Artwork contest

Christian Svensson | 06-07-14 15:50 | news

Blizzard has recently announced an artwork contest, where fans of the StarCraft, WarCraft or Diablo universes will be drawing their favourite monsters, locations or characters, either in 2D or 3D.
There will be 4 different categories, one for each universe, as well as a category named "Best Cinematic Art". The first prizes in each categorie will be worth up to $10.000 in cash! Sharpen your pencils, take out your finest paper, and start sketching!

Check out the prizes >>

Prey sequel confirmed

Fredrik Olsson | 06-07-13 11:30 | news

At the end of Prey a message is displayed, hinting a sequel to the long awaited sci-fi shooter.

ET: Quake Wars delayed until early 2007

Fredrik Olsson | 06-07-12 20:44 | news

Paul Wedgwood, owner of Splash Damage, developing Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, now confirms the rumor that the release of ET: Quake Wars has been delayed until early 2007.

It's also been a challenging year, as the team here has given extraordinary effort towards completing the game this year. Unfortunately, sometimes effort isn't all you need -- sometimes you just need more time. To ensure the quality we want, we've decided to push the release out of 2006 to allow for extended testing, feedback and game balancing. -Paul Wedgwood

Pauls Wedgwoods Developer Diary >>

Warcraft 3 hand movement and voice control

Fredrik Olsson | 06-07-11 12:12 | article

How would you like to command around Orc, Elfs and the other Warcraft 3 inhabitants with hand gestures or voice commands, instead of clicking on them with your mouse?
How about having the game world projected on a table while doing so?

This is what a student has done for his PhD research, a "multi user multimodal tabletop interaction", basically it is multi user gesture and speech interaction, demonstrated in Warcraft 3 and Google Earth.

Ultimate Community mappack 3 released for UT2004

Fredrik Olsson | 06-06-15 11:01 | news

Containing 6 maps, the mappack brings you to tropical island shores in IslandStrike, a desalinization plant in Tidal, a high-flying arena in Altitude, an unidentified industrial plant in Gantham, a former water evaporation facility in Glorian, and erm, somewhere industrial/temple-like in Sympathy.

Ultimate Community Map Pack homepage >>

Gears of war E3 2006 Mural

Fredrik Olsson | 06-06-13 13:22 | article

The famous street painter artist Kurt Wenner drew a 3D Murial painting depicting monsters from the upcoming action game Gears of war.

Alone in the Dark 5: Near Death Investigation on PC

Fredrik Olsson | 06-05-30 15:17 | news

The fifth edition of the horror-adventure game Alone in the Dark, previously only confirmed for Xbox360, has been announced for the PC.

Alone in the Dark: Near Death Investigation press release >>
Alone in the Dark: Near Death Investigation gallery >>

HL2: Episode One previewed at GI

Fredrik Olsson | 06-05-30 12:10 | news

Game Informer (GI) has put together a Half-Life 2: Episode One preview, going through the expansion pack and talking to project lead Robin Walker about it. There are also a few new screenshots included, check it out.

Episode one previewed >>

Half-Life 2: Episode One gameplay movie

Fredrik Olsson | 06-05-25 19:15 | news

There has been alot of HL2: Episode 1 news with the shipping of the game, here's a clip to give you some insight into the game - we will issue a spoiler warning though.

HL2: Episode 1 gameplay movie >>

Age of Empires patched to 1.07

Fredrik Olsson | 06-05-25 17:00 | news

A update with client and network fixes and a new map, The Unknown has been released. You can grab it from fileshack.

1.07 patch for Age of Empires 3 >>

HL2: Episode One will get two sequels

Fredrik Olsson | 06-05-25 12:23 | news

With the release of the first Half-Life 2 expansion, Valve has let us know that there will be two more sequels. The last part of the quadrology will be done by christmas 2007.

Half-Life 2: Episode One Gone Gold

Fredrik Olsson | 06-05-25 11:38 | news

The first HL2 expansion, Episode One, originally called Aftermath, has been released. According to Valve Software it will feature "four to six hours gameplay" and a price tag set to $19.95 USD.

HL2: Episode One press release
HL2: Episode One Screenshots

Hitman Blood Money Demo out

Fredrik Olsson | 06-05-23 12:45 | news

The Hitman: Blood Money demo has been released as promised. After a 759 MB download you can enjoy the games first mission, where your mission is to waste a guy who calls himself The Swing King.

Download the Hitman Blood Money Demo >>

Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne System Requirements

Fredrik Olsson | 06-05-20 17:34 | game info


Prey demo June 22

Fredrik Olsson | 06-05-20 16:52 | news

3D Realms have announced a Prey demo due out June 22. The demo will span 5 levels and include both singleplayer and multiplayer content. The demo will be released for PC, and Xbox 360 through the Xbox Marketplace.

UT2007 E3 trailer

Fredrik Olsson | 06-05-20 16:31 | news

A lot of games from E3 were powered by the Unreal Engine 3, but this trailer is the first big thing we've seen from Epics own game, Unreal Tournament 2007.

UT2007 E3 2006 trailer >>

Running Quake 3 in Widescreen

Fredrik Olsson | 06-05-14 18:12 | tutorial


Prey soundtrack for sale

Fredrik Olsson | 06-05-11 11:04 | news

The Prey soundtrack has been released, you buy and download it from DirectSong.com. The three hour set is available at a sample rate of 320kbps. People who buy the Prey Collector's Edition will receive a code to download the soundtrack for free.

Grand Theft Auto 4 in production

Fredrik Olsson | 06-05-10 14:04 | news

At Microsofts E3-press conference yesterday, the production of Grand Theft Auto 4 was announced. GTA 4 is scheduled for release in october 2007.

The home of GTA 4 >>

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars website launched

Fredrik Olsson | 06-05-10 14:04 | news

This morning Activision informed us that id Softwares and Splash Damages anticipated futuristic team shooter Enemy Territory: Quake Wars has got its own website. No new screenshots or trailers has been released, and those who were hoping for a demo will have to wait a little longer.

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars homepage

Quake 3 Arena 1.32c Security Update

Fredrik Olsson | 06-05-09 10:45 | news

The Quake 3 engine has got a new security update, which addresses a client download leak and a buffer overflow. Quake 3, RTCW and Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory has been updated.
All downloads include Windows, Linux and Mac OS X Binaries.

Download Quake 3 Patch 1.32c >>
Download Return To Castle Wolfenstein Retail v1.41b >>
Download Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory v2.60b >>

Quake 4 Mac Patch 1.2

Fredrik Olsson | 06-05-09 10:17 | news

Some time after the release of the Windows and Linux versions of Quake4 patch 1.2, the Mac users get their patch. Changes include:

Version 1.2 changes:
- dual core support
- a fixed pure server system
- fixed widescreen and aspect ratio support
- fixed server IP information within non-dedicated server

Download Quake 4 Mac Patch 1.2 >>

Oblivion Beta Patch 1.1

Fredrik Olsson | 06-05-04 14:35 | news

Bethesda Softworks has released the first patch for the popular RPG Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. The patch is in beta and not completely bug free, we dont recommend you to install it if you dont have any problems with Oblivion.

Instructions and Patch 1.1 download >>

Nasty America banned from E3 - adult content

Fredrik Olsson | 06-05-04 11:36 | article

The online dating MMO Naughty America: The Game has got a lot of press coverage from around the world. However, the soon-to-be-released MMO will not be allowed to participate in the largest gaming expo, the E3, due to what was described as "adult content".
Naughty America: The Game screenshots

Preload Half-Life 2: Episode One

Fredrik Olsson | 06-05-02 13:14 | news

Valve just told us that Half-Life 2: Episode One is available for preloading through Steam. Whether you've purchased the game or not, you can now download key files so that when it is officially released and you have bought it, there will be no delay to play.

Dark Messiah gameplay videos

Fredrik Olsson | 06-05-01 21:18 | news

Two Dark Messiah of Might and Magic gameplay videos have been released along with a video with Gabe Newell from Valve Software. Dark Messiah is using a modified version of the Source engine Valve created for Half-Life 2.

Dark Messiah videos >>

Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter Demo released

Fredrik Olsson | 06-04-27 15:42 | news

Ubisoft has released a Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter demo for the PC. After a 532 MB download, you can try out the game's second mission, playable solo or with three friends in co-op mode (LAN only). Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter for the PC ships early May.
the demo >>
Advanced warfighter screenshots

CivCity: Rome new Civilization game

Fredrik Olsson | 06-04-27 15:20 | news

Firaxis Games has announced CivCity: Rome for the PC, a new city building strategy game inspired by the world of Sid Meier's Civilization.

In CivCity, you will get a detailed look on Roman life, while recreate the glory of Rome by building a small settlement into a mighty imperial city. Featuring hundreds of buildings including gladiatorial schools, amphitheatres, the circus maximus, legionnaire forts, weapons workshops and much more.

CivCity: rome screenshots

Quake 3 on 24 monitors

Fredrik Olsson | 06-04-27 14:44 | news

Virginia Tech's HCI lab they have set up Quake 3 to run on a 24-monitor Linux cluster, in a very wide widescreen mode, 10240x3072. Follow the link at the bottom to see the video.

The game is rendered in correct aspect ratio even in this strange resolution, thanks to Quake 3's "r_customaspect to 1" console setting.

Quake 3 on 24 monitors >>

John Carmack inducted into Walk of Game

Fredrik Olsson | 06-04-04 13:19 | news

John Carmack has been honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award and inducted into the Walk of Game, a year-round attraction inside Metreon in San Francisco.

The award recognizes John's years of innovation and contribution to the video game industry. Congratulations John!

Age of Empires 3: Warchiefs interview

Fredrik Olsson | 06-03-28 21:02 | news

VGM Daily has had a talk with Wally Wachi, one of the head developers working on the new expansion for Age of Empires III, “The Warchiefs”.

The interview is available in MP3 and various audio formats. Wally talks about the native american influence and gives us details on what awaits us later this year.

Lean back and listen to Expansion talk >>

CryEngine2 Trailer with Sound

Fredrik Olsson | 06-03-27 21:14 | news

CryEngine 2, the engine powering CryTek's upcoming game Crysis is flexing its muscles and showing us Motion Blur, Dynamic day/night cycle, Leaf physics and atmospheric effects. Tropical Eyecandy for everyone, download below.

38 MB CryEngine2 Graphics @ FileFront >>

Nostalgia: 1997 Half-Life 1 Trailer

Fredrik Olsson | 06-03-27 19:49 | news

One of the rare original Half-Life 1 trailers, released on a demo CD in 1997 and showcasing a lot of content that never made it into Half-Life. Pretty low quality but worth a watch for fans.

Half-Life 1 Trailer >>

Play Planetside for Free

Fredrik Olsson | 06-03-24 16:58 | news

Today Sony launched a campain to let everyone try their MMORPG Planetside for free. The trial period lasts one year and the catch is - your character can not exceed level 6.

2GB Download from Sony.com >>
More information on the test >>

Battlefield 2142 Intro Trailer

Fredrik Olsson | 06-03-23 13:53 | news

A video of what appears to be the opening sequence for Battlefield 2142 has been released, giving us a peek at the futuristic combat. We can expect to see more of this game E3 is closing in.

Battlefield 2142 intro >>

Battlefield 2142 announced

Fredrik Olsson | 06-03-23 13:28 | news

EA has announced that Digital Illusions is working on Battlefield 2142, a futuristic version of the popular Battlefield series that will be released for the PC this winter.

The date is 2142 and as the world is facing a new Ice Age, Nations fight for control of the few habitable places on the planet. You can fight for either the European Union or Pan Asian Coalition with futuristic weapons, mechs, aircraft, and other vehicles. 64 players will be supported online.

Check out the first BF 2142 screenshots and keep checking back for more information.

Spellforce 2 demo out

Fredrik Olsson | 06-03-21 22:02 | news

Good news for RPG fans, the Spellforce 2 demo has been released.

Spellforce 2 mixes the genre RPG with RTS in a fantasy world where orcs, knights and other creatures fight for survival and world domination.

The demo weights 563 MB and can be downloaded below.

Spellforce Demo @ FileFront >>
Spellforce Demo @ FilePlanet >>

UT2007 World inteview with Jeff Morris

Fredrik Olsson | 06-03-19 21:38 | news

Jeff Morris tells us UT2007 Deathmatch will be a tighter experience with more powerful weapons. The wall jump and dodge movements will still be in, but subdued more by gravity. Another good news bit is that Server admins will be able to select a server from which connecting clients can download missing content without affecting the game performance.

Jeff Morris talks Deathmatch >>

Age of empires 3: The WarChiefs expansion announced

Fredrik Olsson | 06-03-18 21:25 | news

The name of the Age of empires 3 expansion has been revealed: "The WarChiefs", check out the AOE3: The WarChiefs screenshots and the concept art.

Black & White 2 demo

Fredrik Olsson | 06-03-18 19:17 | news

Those of you who haven't bought B&W2 and wanna try it, finally gets your chance - the Black & White 2 demo has landed!

The demo weights in at 617 MB and gives you a taste of how good it can be to be god in BW2.

Check to see if you rig meets the BW2 system requirements then download the demo from:

FilePlanet >>
FileFront >>

Black and White: Battle of the Gods announced

Fredrik Olsson | 06-03-18 19:15 | news

An expansion to the god simulator Black & White has been announced by Lionhead Studios and will be released later this year.

Black & White 2: Battle of the gods screenshots

official website >>

Unreal Tournament 2007 new media and previews

Fredrik Olsson | 06-03-03 11:27 | news

GameSpot have a new UT 2007 preview from a build shown at a recent Midway press event. The article got new information on the map DM-CarbonFire, the weapons, vehicles and the game interface. You can also view a video interview with producer Jeff Morris. IGN have also posted their impressions of the event.

Four new Unreal Tournament 2007 screenshots
GameSpot Gamespot's preview >>

Savage 2: A Tortured Soul preview

Fredrik Olsson | 06-03-01 13:23 | news

IGN has summed up a preview of Savage 2: A Tortured Soul who's gameplay can be described as a mix between a Real-Time-Strategy and an Action game. The battles are fought in two teams, each with one "strategy planner", building structures and units, and the rest of the players controlling single units in a action-game-manner. The updated graphics doesn't look bad at all, take a look in our Savage 2 gallery.

Savage 2 Preview @ IGN >>

Google map of World of Warcraft

Fredrik Olsson | 06-02-23 06:00 | news

For all you World of Warcraft adventurers a project has launched which let you navigate the World of Warcraft through the Google Map API. It has location names, different items, treasures and most other stuff you might be looking for.

The Adventurers Guide to WOW:
World of Warcraft Google Map >>

Quake 4 patch 1.1 released

Fredrik Olsson | 06-02-22 22:29 | news

The new Quake 4 update raises the version number to 1.1 and comes with a lot of juicy features, such as:

-Performance enhancements
-Voice chat
Also, you can now use Mouse acceleration in Quake 4 and raise the fov above 110. Thank you id software!

The patch weights 59MB and is only windows flavoured so far.

Download Quake 4 patch 1.1
Quake 4 patch 1.1 release notes

Gallery update: Superman Return & Quake Wars

Fredrik Olsson | 06-02-18 15:49 | news

The gallery has been updated with a first glimpse of the Superman game based on the upcoming movie Superman Returns. Enemy Territory: Quake Wars has also been posing for the camera, resulting in 8 new steaming hot screenshots, check them out!

Superman Returns - first screenshot
8 new pictures from ET:Quake Wars

Splash Damage interviewed on Quake Wars

Fredrik Olsson | 06-02-14 20:25 | news

Richard Jolly from Splash Damage has had a chat with 1Up. Richard tells us how the Doom 3 engine has been modified to better suit outdoor enviroments, the idea behind different color schemes and how the lighting of leafs in the game came to change, among other things.

Read the whole interview >>

Battlefield 1.2 released

Fredrik Olsson | 06-02-14 11:59 | news

Dice has released the 1.2 update for Battlefield 2.

Some of the changes in this new version is:
-Ability to reload when sprinting.
-You cant shoot while jumping.
-Updates on weapons and vehicles.
Full BF2 1.2 changelist

Download Battlefield2 1.2 Patch (89MB)>>

Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos System Requirements

Fredrik Olsson | 06-01-20 17:34 | game info


New movie clip from Project Offset

Fredrik Olsson | 06-01-17 09:50 | news

The visually stunning phantasy game Project Offset has been filmed once again. This new clip shows off the engine capabilities to handle large number of enemies and gives us a glimps of a few cast spells.

15 MB Eye candy at Shacknews >>

UT2007 will be released for PC first

Fredrik Olsson | 06-01-03 01:39 | news

Despite the rumors that Unreal Tournament 2007 was going to be a Playstation 3 launch title, it is now confirmed by an Epic Employee that it will be released for PC first. Other good news is that we will also get a demo version before the release.

UT2007 with mouse and keyboard >>

Carmack talks gaming mobiles

Fredrik Olsson | 05-12-29 02:04 | news

Id Softwares programming guru, John Carmack has taken his time to do an Interview with Guardian Unlimited. The guru is briefly asked about the future of the PC gaming and a few questions about mobile phone gaming also got snuck in.

Guardian Unlimited Q&A with John Carmack >>

gtaTournament multiplayer mod patched

Fredrik Olsson | 05-12-28 04:59 | news

The people behind the multiplayer mod for GTA San Andreas, gtaTournament, have released patch 0.3a. This will take care of some bugs that came along with previous versions of the multiplayer modification.

Some impressive features of gtaTournament includes Support for up to 96 players and up to 12000 cars.

More info on gtaTournament's homepage >>
Download GTA Tournament from Gamer's Hell >>

RF Online MMO comes to the West

Fredrik Olsson | 05-12-20 10:57 | news

Codemasters has announced that its first MMO, Rising Force Online will be released to the western population. Release date for US & UK is Q1 2006.
RF Online has already been popular in the Far East’s with its Magical fantasy meets futuristic science-fiction action. Among the treats this MMO has to offer are big mechs, huge swords and of course light dressed girls with big boobs, check it out:

RF Online Screenshots
RF Online Wallpapers
homepage >>

Halo Zero free 2D game

Fredrik Olsson | 05-12-15 13:18 | news

A few french developers have ignored todays 3D hype and taken the Halo world back to the classical sidescolling genre. The result is Halo Zero, where you fight alien scum as as the Master Chief in full 2D-glory. Wheather Microsoft & Bungie approves of this game or not is yet unknown. I suggest you grab the little 21MB game before it disappears.

Sidescrolling Halo in 2D >>

Unreal Tournament 2007 System Requirements

Fredrik Olsson | 05-12-13 10:10 | news

We have updated the Unreal Tournament 2007 system requirements page with information from the German magazine PC Gaming Hardware. Still no offial word from Epic though.

Unreal Tournament 2007 system requirements

De_Nuke with HDR technology

Fredrik Olsson | 05-12-03 15:40 | news

As promised a new level for CS: Source has been released, this timeit is de_nuke that makes a return, beutifully lit by HDR technology.

Get the update on Steam >>

New Day of Defeat: Source-level, dod_argentan released

Fredrik Olsson | 05-12-01 15:17 | news

The new Day of Defeat: Source-level, dod_argentan, has been released. Steam News also reports that a bug in Rag Doll Kung Fu has been taken care of. The updates can be downloaded by restarting your Steam-client.

Steam News reports >>

New CS:Source and DoD:Source levels on the way

Fredrik Olsson | 05-11-25 14:29 | news

Counter Strike: Source and Day of Defeat: Source will soon be updated with a new level each. The CS:S-level will feature the new lighting technology, HDR, previously demonstrated in the Lost Coast technology demo, available on Steam. The levels are sceduled for release next wednesday

New Source Levels from Valve >>

Clanbase will use Quake 4 X-Battle for competitions

Fredrik Olsson | 05-11-10 15:33 | news

ClanBase and the GGL has announce that the Q4 X-Battle modification will be the official mod used in all cups and ladders. Starting with the upcoming EuroCups and AmeriCups.

Rocket Arena for Quake 4 in the works

Fredrik Olsson | 05-11-10 13:07 | news

The very popular Quake 3 mod - Rocket Arena has been announced for Quake 4. On the Rocket Arena homepage you can see the very brief statement "Why stop at 3"

Why indeed, definately good news for the quake4 community!

Quake 4 Map making competition

Fredrik Olsson | 05-10-27 20:46 | news

Doom3World and VIA have announced a Q4 Mapping Competition. The contest is set to kick off November 1st, 2005 and run two months. The three best 1 on 1 Deathmatch map submissions will win some prizes and their levels will be included in a tourney map pack. Read all about it at Doom3World.com:

Submission guidelines and details >>.

Quake 4 game guide in the works

Fredrik Olsson | 05-10-20 14:39 | news

An extensive guide to the new and hot Quake 4 is beeing developed. It will contain powerups, maps, gameplay tips and everything else you can possibly want to know about Quake 4. It is not complete yet, but will be updated daily with new stuff, check it out!

Quake 4 Game Guide >>

Official Quake 4 release!

Fredrik Olsson | 05-10-18 23:54 | news

Quake 4 is now officially released in the USA!
It shouldn't be long before the rest of the world get it now.

Activition begins the press release with:
Santa Monica, CA – October 18, 2005 – The Global Defense Force has been given the green light to invade the Strogg home planet as id Software™ and Activision, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATVI) announced today that QUAKE 4™ for the PC has shipped.


Quake 4 Reviewed at IGN

Fredrik Olsson | 05-10-14 09:48 | news

The first Quake 4 review has surfaced on the net, IGN has played through the game and given it a 8.2 score.

Apparently Q4 contains only 9 multiplayer maps. But no need for panic, the Quake community will most likely spawn a whole bunch of kick ass multiplayer maps for us to duke it out on.
We are keeping an updated lists of the best Quake 4 Maps & Quake 4 Mods, right here on FreakyGaming.

According to the reviewer, we will see some things that Doom 3 didn't indicate its engine was capable of, some are shown in the Prey E3 demo video.

Quake 4 scores >>

The Sims 2 Holiday Party Pack

Fredrik Olsson | 05-10-13 11:46 | news

Electronic Arts has let us know that they will release The Sims 2 Holiday Party Pack, a Bonus CD for the world's best-selling PC game of 2004, with themes for Christmas, New Years Eve, Easter, Chanukah, Kwanzaa and Halloween.


CPL increases Quake 4 Tourney spots

Fredrik Olsson | 05-10-13 10:37 | news

The CPL has announced that due to overwhelming demand this Winter's Quake 4 qualifier has been increased to 256 spots . The decision was made after running a community poll, resulting in 80% of votes in favour. Online registration will launch at 11:00 AM EST on Friday, October 14th on a first come, first served basis.

Quake 4 official website updated

Fredrik Olsson | 05-10-08 15:52 | news

Quake4Game.com, the official website has been updated with a whole bunch of new, fresh content. The winner of the Quake 4 fan art competition along with all submission are up, you can also grab 3 new wallpapers in the downloads section, head over to Q4's homepage and check it out.

New content at quake4game.com >>

New wolfenstein game announced by id

Fredrik Olsson | 05-10-08 04:34 | news

At Id softwares homepage they announce that a new wolfenstein game is on its way, currently beeing developed by Raven Software and using a revolutionary new graphics engine. Big words from big companies.

"We are extremely excited to announce that the next installment of Wolfenstein is now in development for the Xbox 360 and PC! Wolfenstein is one of the greatest franchises in first-person gaming, and we've turned to our friends at Raven Software to help us create something really special.

This new chapter in the legendary Wolfenstein series delivers players deep behind the enemy lines of a war-torn Germany, where Nazi experiments with technology and the supernatural threaten to turn the tide of World War II. Utilizing a revolutionary new graphics technology targeted specifically at next generation hardware, the new Wolfenstein experience will draw players into a seamless world of unmatched exploration, action, and espionage." -- id Softwares homepage

Another Doom Movie poster

Fredrik Olsson | 05-10-05 22:22 | news

This snazzy Doom movie poster has just been released, it looks like a flirt with the tortured faces texture in origional Doom. I had high hopes before D3 was released that id Software would do something cool with the tortured face texture in Doom 3, too bad they didn't.

Origional Doom's wall texture, for comparison:

Quake 4 release date

Fredrik Olsson | 05-10-05 05:36 | news

Quake 4 will make its set mid-October release date, Activision just let us know that the PC version of the game has gone gold and is off to manufacturing, Mac and Xbox owner will have to wait a little longer.


Day of defeat: Source review

Fredrik Olsson | 05-09-29 06:35 | news

The Sourceified version of Day of Defeat, has been released. What started as a hobby project is now a stand alone product on sale for about 20$ on steam. To help you decide if this is for you, you can read the preview on IGN.

DOD: Source review >>

Serious Sam 2 demo released

Fredrik Olsson | 05-09-22 00:48 | news

The demo to the old school shooter Serious Sam's sequel has been released today by Croteam, check it out at filefront. It contains one map and all guns from the full version.

Get the demo at filefront >>

Quake 4 preview at shacknews

Fredrik Olsson | 05-09-20 20:52 | news

Shacknews has had the opportunity to try an unfinished version of Quake 4, and have written down their impressions in a preview.

Shacknews view on Quake 4 >>

Punkbuster used in Quake 4

Fredrik Olsson | 05-09-19 20:34 | news

Even Balance has announced on their webpage that Raven is incorporating PunkBuster into the upcoming Quake 4. The anti-cheat software will be supported out of the box.

Black & White 2 has gone gold

Fredrik Olsson | 05-09-15 10:53 | news

Now you can play god in a whole new incarnation of Lionheads god simulator, because Black & White 2 has gone gold. Lionhead has their own charmy way of telling us, check out the link below and you will see.

Lionheads in gold >>

Free voice chat programs for your games

Fredrik Olsson | 05-09-15 08:05 | review

There is a jungle of voice chatting programs out there, this article helps you select which of the free voice chat programs that best suits your needs and gives you an overview of the more popular ones.

CPL choose Quake 4 for 1on1 competitions 2006

Fredrik Olsson | 05-09-14 23:47 | news

CPL announced Quake 4 as their 1on1 competition game for 2006 today with the following motivation.

"QUAKE 4 marks the return of id's trademark deathmatch-style multiplayer formula. Online gameplay action in QUAKE 4 is based on the speed, style and overall multiplayer feel found in the popular QUAKE III Arena, and allows gamers to compete in deathmatch, team deathmatch, capture-the-flag, and tournament modes." -- CPL homepage

Doom movie poster

Fredrik Olsson | 05-09-11 14:30 | news

The release for the DOOM movie is closing in and the poster has been released, check it out.

Age of Empires III-demo released

Fredrik Olsson | 05-09-08 03:54 | news

Ensemble Studios and Microsoft has released the demo to the anticipated Age of Empires III today. You get to play two missions and the game mode skirmish in single player. In skirmish mode you get to control a British or Spanish army, battling in either New England or Texas.

Age of Empires 3 demo 365 MB >>

Inside Doom Video

Fredrik Olsson | 05-09-05 17:42 | news

IGN's Film Force has put up a new exclusive video that shows new film footage from the Doom movie as well as some commentaries from the movie's stars and id Software designers. You can get the 2 minute video from IGN.

Doom footage & commentaries >>

QuakeCon Quake 4 multiplayer videos

Fredrik Olsson | 05-08-12 10:15 | news

QuakeCon 2005 has begun and already spawned a bunch of shakycam videos from the Quake 4 multiplayer.

Although the clips are blurry, the graphics look really crisp and a lot brighter than what we saw in Doom 3, it really looks like this could be the next big thing in multiplayer! Head over to planetquake and check them out.

Fatal1ty Playing Quake4 DM (169 MB) >>
Quake 4 deathmatch video (87 MB) >>

First in-game Quake 4 video

Fredrik Olsson | 05-08-12 09:53 | news

The first in-game footage of Quake IV has been released. For a 35 MB download, you will get a minute of ingame action.

Quake 4 trailer @ Gamers Hell >>

Transcript of John Carmacks QuakeCon 2005 speech

Fredrik Olsson | 05-08-10 11:13 | article

The full transcript of John Carmacks QuakeCon 2005 keynote session, including the questions from the audience in the end.

Dungeon Siege II demo

Fredrik Olsson | 05-08-06 05:22 | news

The successor to the three year old Dungeon Siege is expected to be released within a couple of weeks. A demo showing off the single player portion is released. The demo weights in at a whopping 1,4 GB (!) and can be snatched at GamersHell.

Dungeon Siege II demo >>

Record avi videos in Doom 3

Fredrik Olsson | 05-08-04 22:08 | tutorial

Here is a quick tutorial for you who want to Record avi videos in Doom 3.

Doom movie teaser clip

Fredrik Olsson | 05-07-27 07:29 | news

The DOOM teaser trailer, first shown at the Doom movie panel press conference is now available for your viewing pleasure!

The film is due in theaters October 21st, but you can check out the teaser at IGN in .mov or .vmw now.
Doom Movie clip >>

Id Software is looking for people

Fredrik Olsson | 05-07-19 21:28 | news

In Kenneth Scotts updated plan file he announces that Id Software is searching a talented co-worker, skilled in the creation of 3D-enviroments. An excerpt:

"id Software is seeking a talented 3D environmental artist to assist in creating atmospheric and highly detailed environments. The applicant would be responsible for generating world textures, creating normal-mapped world objects, building set pieces, building terrain, and generally making a nuisance of him/herself in the name of game art excellence."

work at Id Software >>

Doom movie panel

Fredrik Olsson | 05-07-19 05:13 | news

Todd Hollenshead and some of the crew from the Doom movie has held a press conference today.

The panel revealed some surprising things:
  • The action takes place on Mars
  • Id Software has been involved since the beginning
  • In the spirit of Doom, it will be unapologetic, groundbreaking and drum roll.. R-rated!
  • The Rock describes the pacing as "a train ride to Hell"

    It sounds like the movie will have a Doomish feel to it after all. Who knows, maby forum posts and the DMOP got through to the producers in time.

    View the Doom panel video at IGN >>

  • Black and white movies x4

    Fredrik Olsson | 05-07-11 22:21 | news

    Lionhead has released four movies capturing glimpses of how it will feel to act a god. The clips weight about 20MB and can be assembled at Lionheads homepage.

    four Black & White clips >>

    BlizzCon - QuakeCon with Orcs?

    Fredrik Olsson | 05-07-07 23:04 | news

    Blizzard is hosting a convention, similar to Id software's QuakeCon it seems, although you can't bring your own computer and it will cost 120$. BlizzCon will be held in California, on October 28-29th.

    "BlizzCon is a celebration of the Warcraft, StarCraft, and Diablo franchises and the players who have helped make them so popular around the world. We invite you to join us for an exciting weekend of gaming and socializing with your fellow Blizzard gamers and developers." - Blizzard

    BlizzCon homepage >>
    Buy tickets for BlizzCon >>

    Duke Nukem Forever reinforced with new level designer

    Fredrik Olsson | 05-07-07 22:59 | news

    Details on 3D Realm's baby DNF are not abundant. But, they have now hired a new level designer to mold new places for the Duke to create mayhem in, yay!. He's a shacknews resident and goes by the name of Eskimo spy. Let's keep our fingers crossed they make good use of him.

    Eskimo spy's statement >>
    ..and his portfolio >>

    Explosions in London

    Fredrik Olsson | 05-07-07 22:10 | news

    This morning a series of explosions occured on busses and on subways in central London. There is currently 37 people reported dead and a lot more injured, in what looks like a terrorist attempt. We usually dont report on stuff outside of our digital world and we will dive right back into gaming news after this report.

    follow the coverage here:
    BBC London bombings >>
    follow the coverage at BBC >>

    Gears of war story by Epic

    Fredrik Olsson | 05-07-06 13:37 | news

    Since this years E3 expo, Epic has keept the lid on their upcoming PC & Xbox shooter, Gears of war. This has just changed, epic has released a preview containing concept art, new screenshots and a presentation of the GOW universe. FG got the goods for your viewing pleasure.

    Gears of War preview by Epic...

    Battlefield 2 demo released

    Fredrik Olsson | 05-06-12 16:00 | news

    DICE has dropped version 2 of their very popular team-based shooter, pick it up at download.com.

    Update: Battlefield 2 screenshots in FG's gallery.
    560MB BF2 demo >>

    Prey E3 Interview

    Fredrik Olsson | 05-05-29 04:00 | news

    The seven year old FPS, Prey, has been resurrected and is now beeing developed with the Doom 3 engine. IGN has posted an interview with Human Head Studios and it seems a lot of the origional features are still in, like dynamic gravity and portals.

    Prey screenshots at FG
    Interview at IGN >>

    BeyondUnreal talks to Steve Polgeon about UT2007

    Fredrik Olsson | 05-05-27 19:17 | news

    BeyondUnreal has had a talk with Steve Polge from Epic and asked him a few questions about Unreal Tournament 2007. Among the things discussed are what vehicles will be included, special moves and the new Conquest game type.

    Interview with Steve Polge >>

    Fable coming to PC

    Fredrik Olsson | 05-05-25 19:59 | news

    The previously XBOX exclusive RPG Fable: The Lost Chapters is to be released for PC this fall. A gameplay clip released at this years E3 expo is now available as a 69 MB download at Gamer's Hell.

    Fable clip >>

    New Unreal Tournament 2007 screenshots

    Fredrik Olsson | 05-05-25 14:26 | news

    A few pictures from UT 2007 are posted in our gallery, among others the very first gameplay shot

    Doom 3 patch 1.3 & SDK released

    Fredrik Olsson | 05-05-25 01:12 | news

    Id Software has released the long awaited 1.3 patch for DOOM 3. The update weights in at 32 meg and some of the highlights are:
    • PunkBuster(TM) support
    • EAX(R) ADVANCED HD(TM) sound support
    • Fixed ragdoll bounciness.
    Doom3 1.3/SDK >>
    Linux flavoured >>
    Release notes..

    Quake 4 uncensored trailer

    Fredrik Olsson | 05-05-23 09:57 | news

    Finally the Quake 4 trailer is released without the blue tint, which censored the blood and damaged the quality in the last release. The quicktime clip weights in at 38 MB. There is also an interview with Todd Hollenshead of id software, in which he talks about the design and features of Quake 4.

    quake 4 movies @ gamespy >>

    Enemy Territory - Quake Wars

    Fredrik Olsson | 05-05-21 03:16 | news

    Id software has announced a new game that has secretly been under devopment for two years now, by Splash damage. They started working on it right after the release of the popular and free multiplayer expansion RTCW: Enemy Territory.

    The game is set in the Quake2 universe and takes place before Q2. It will be a team-based multiplayer shooter, where stroggs and humans duke it out in vast landscapes, powered by the Doom 3 engine. The visual result is stunning, take a peek in the Enemy Territory - Quake Wars gallery.

    Quake 4 Screenshots at FG

    Fredrik Olsson | 05-05-21 02:12 | screenshots

    A few quake 4 screenshots are now up in our gallery check them out here

    Unreal Tournament 2007 Preview

    Fredrik Olsson | 05-05-10 13:56 | news

    Epic next incarnation of UT will make use of the crispy looking Unreal Engine 3. It sure looks good and the statement "We re not trying to make a prettier UT2K4. We're really trying to make a very new game." - Steve Polge, just makes the expectation nerve itch even more.

    Announced gametypes include Onslaught, DM, TDM, CTF, and the all-new Conquest mode. It appears that Assault, Bombing Run and Domination have been dropped.

    Preview at Gamespot >>

    Battelfield 2 gameplay movie

    Fredrik Olsson | 05-05-06 10:38 | news

    The german gaming magazine PC Gameplay just released a 109 MB, nine minute long gameplay trailer from Battlefield 2. It looks awesome! Check it out.

    download at fz.se >>

    Another melee map from Blizzard

    Fredrik Olsson | 05-05-01 06:07 | news

    Less than two weeks have passed since last map was released by Blizzard. This time it's a compact 1v1 map for you to duke it out on.

    go grab it >>

    Quake IV Interview

    Fredrik Olsson | 05-05-01 02:57 | news

    Tim Willits from id software is answering questions about the fourth incarnation of Quake, which has been under development since shortly after work started on Doom 3.

    Here is what Willits says about sources of inspiration:
    "While there hasn't been one single title that has influenced development of Quake 4, the developers have played a number of other games, such as Halo, Halo 2, and the Call of Duty series. But these have been played more as fans than as particularly picking and choosing game elements to include in the game."

    To the interview >>

    Half-Life 2 coming to Xbox

    Fredrik Olsson | 05-04-09 10:04 | news

    The game site Evil Avatar notes that the PC hit Half-Life 2 will be released for Xbox. More details will be published in the May release of the Offical Xbox Magazine (in shops april 14) it is said to feature a seven page report on the game and the following June issue a first trailer.

    Short note here >>

    Duke Nukem 3D in a new package

    Fredrik Olsson | 05-04-08 13:09 | article

    No, we are not talking about Duke Nukem Forever, but an upgrade for the 1996 hit Duke Nukem 3D. After an 80 MB download you can enjoy pig cops and space tigers in full polygonal beauty, high res textures and mouse aiming. Don't sweat it if you don't have the origional game, it works with Duke3D shareware too.

    Download from Fragzone >>

    Doom 3 movie done

    Fredrik Olsson | 05-04-03 18:51 | news

    A post over at Shacknews tells us that the Doom movie has just finished filming. They quote 'The Rock' who said on The Daily Show that the movie just recently got wrapped. The movie is slated to be released this August once post-production is completed.

    Pack your BFG >>

    Punkbuster coming to Doom3

    Fredrik Olsson | 05-03-08 13:55 | news

    Evenbalance has officially announced that PunkBuster will be released for Doom 3 and Resurrection of evil. PunkBuster is a popular anticheat tool, available for many online games.

    Punkbuster >>

    Doom3: Resurrection of Evil-trailer

    Fredrik Olsson | 05-02-25 16:59 | news

    Get a two minute taste of hell from the first RoE trailer. The clip comes in two versions, both apple flavoured.

    Low quality 35 MB - WorthPlaying >>
    High quality 113 MB - Yahoo >>

    New version of Multi Theft Auto

    Fredrik Olsson | 05-02-09 20:14 | news

    Multi Theft Auto is a modification that upgrades GTA 3 and Vice City with support for multiplayer. A fresh new version, 0.5, is released, read more about it and download it at the mods homepage.

    Muli-player car stealing >>

    Make Something Unreal 2005

    Fredrik Olsson | 05-01-08 21:47 | article

    Make Something Unreal 2005 Contest
    Here are the winners for best mods Phase One.


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